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smells like Xmas

Christmas spirit is spreading everywhere. If you live in the US check out “Happy holidays from Gmail“, which allows you to send some really cool snail-mail postcards to your friends, for free :)
This year I want to give Gimp a try and do my own christmas and new year postcards and emails to send to family and friends. I’ll post it here and in deviantART when its ready :)

Speaking about computer graphics, I’m kind of frustrated that I can’t have my ATI X1250 working properly with Ubuntu 9.10. Seems its too old for ATI to release proper drivers.. so I can’t get my 3d skills trained :'( Would really love to get back into 3d, and participate in the CG Sphere contest. Oh well… waiting for a Mac to come… someday :P

Totally unrelated, but still very cool, check out “Wolfram Alpha Teaches You Math, One Step at a Time“.

By the way, I’m adopting tags for the posts from now on. Makes more sense than using categories. I’ll try and make the transition nice and smooth =)


sneak peak at gimp 2.8

Following some simple steps as indicated in WebUpd8’s “How To Install GIMP 2.7 in Ubuntu Jaunty and Karmic From a Launchpad PPA“, I just installed Gimp 2.7.3 and have been trying out the new features.

There are some cool new features like the on-canvas text editing, brush tagging, layer groups, improved brush dynamics (now called paint dynamics and has its own separate dialog) and a first preview of the new single-window mode (although it warns you that it is far from being complete I find it quite usable).

Its shaping up to be a very nice release… still waiting for CMYK though :/