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Desligar, para ligar

Há seis meses atrás (já passaram seis?!) decidi sair do Facebook. Pensei que ia ter um desafio pela frente, pois embora não o usasse muito, gostava de partilhar coisas interessantes e ver também outras coisas que algumas pessoas partilhavam.
Nunca imaginei que fosse tão fácil sair. Em nenhum momento algum destes seis meses senti falta de lá entrar, ler ou escrever. Pelo contrário, libertou-me mais tempo para fazer outras coisas interessantes.

Há aproximadamente um mês atrás dei mais um passo, desliguei o twitter. Gostava do twitter, muito mais do que o facebook. Mas senti que me fazia perder imenso tempo com banalidades, coisas que até podiam ser interessantes, mas que na verdade não acrescentavam nada de valor à vida. Foi-se. Não sinto falta.

Agora dei um outro passo. Vender o smartphone e desligar o serviço de internet no telemóvel. De volta a um simples Nokia, que faz o que é preciso, com bateria que dura duas semanas e onde escrevo rapidamente :)

Tem sido um desligar progressivo, mas para atingir uma ligação mais valiosa, aquela com o mundo à nossa volta, à vida, às pessoas. Somos levados a acreditar que precisamos de ter, ver, saber tanta coisa… na verdade não precisamos de quase nada. A vida é simples :)


bye bye little bird

So, yesterday was the day. I finally pulled the plug on twitter and removed my user account. Waking up today and starting the day was slightly different… no quick news to read, no “good morning!!” to tweet, no trending topics to check… a kind of emptiness which, like every other, can allow you to be more in the present, where you are, who you are with. Many times during the day I had the habit of checking the smartphone and opening twitter to see what’s going on… just to find that it does not connect anymore :) I know I have just broken the link with many people that I will very likely never see again… but, I know that for some, the relationship that was created is far beyond the reach of twitter, and I hope to keep in touch them.

Why do I still own a smartphone? Maybe I’ll “disconnect” that next…. ;)


are you really *getting* what social networks are all about?

If 2010 was the year for the buzzword “social”, 2011 will keep that trend… probably even more.

Individuals, companies, organizations, groups, are continuously arriving to social networks, but are they doing it well? For those who are profit-oriented, social networks are just another opportunity to do more marketing, getting more subscribers, buyers, etc. If that’s how you see it and why you are using it I have only one thing to say: you are doing it wrong!

The best affirmation I’ve recently read about social networking is this “social networking is not about marketing, it’s about human relationships”. The best results out of social networking will come when you are able to focus on human beings and not on buyers, when you are genuinely seeking conversations and not sales. Note that I said ‘genuinely’. It’s also very common to see “fake” intentions to establish relationships, but they are just a disguise to a marketing strategy.

Picture this, imagine a real human being that is just like the profile of your social networking accounts. Make him stand in a busy street where hundreds or thousands of people walk by everyday. How does he behave with bystanders? What does he do when people look at him? In what way does he engage those who are interested in starting a conversation? Is he YELLING IN FULL CAPS LOCK about his new accomplishment in his life? Or he is willing to listen what others have to stay and give his best contribution according to his experience?
Imagine him in this situation for a whole day, a whole week, a whole year…. can you stand that person? Or would you cross the road just to avoid him?