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transforming love


“The space between fearful Love and fearless Love is Sadhana. What is Sadhana? Sadhana is the transformation of fearful Love into fearless Love.”

Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji


Moving to Him

“You know, there is nothing disorderly in this Universe. Everything moves according to certain rules. In this solar system of ours, the sun is the nucleus, and so many planets are moving around the sun. In this ethereal system, the earth is the nucleus, and the moon is moving around it. Similarly, in the atomic system also there is a nucleus and electrons move around the nucleus. In our cosmological order the Supreme Consciousness is the nucleus and so many animate and inanimate objects are moving around Him, knowingly or unknowingly. Human beings move knowingly and other animals, other less developed living beings, and also inanimate objects – even some human beings – move unknowingly, unconsciously  The radius of those who move unknowingly remains unchanged, or even, due to their mean propensities, their radius may increase. But spiritual aspirants always try to lessen the length of their radius. They come closer and closer to the Supreme, and when they come to the nearest proximity, they become one with the Nucleus, and that is the stage of Salvation.
Now, so many entities, so many individuals are moving around Him; they have so many physical structures – long, short, white, black, learned, illiterate – but the common goal is the Nucleus, the Supreme Consciousness. There should be no shyness, no hatred, no complex in human beings because that Nucleus is the bigger “I” of everybody – that Nucleus is the Supreme Progenitor of all.”
~Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

Just as in any other nuclear system, two forces are constantly in play in the movement of the different actors: the centripetal (or introversial) force, and the centrifugal (or extroversial) force. One pulls the entity to it, while the other pushes it further away.

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