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entering the new year

This year the cat made me stay at home for this new year celebration period, so I took the opportunity to make my own solo-retreat at home during the weekend. I was very much in need of this, as in these past weeks it’s been really hard to maintain a minimal level (according to my standards) on spiritual practices. So, it’s easier just to block some time out and do it intensely, with the hope to get it back!

It was much harder than I thought it would be… it’s unbelievable how quick the mind can go down and loose its discipline and inspiration, and how hard it easy to get it back on track… the first day was so incredibly difficult I can not describe it… but a picture is worth a thousand words:


This is what it looks like to attempt to get back the control of your mind :P Anyway, it was an excellent reminder on how important it is to maintain discipline and some basic rules, if we don’t want to loose control. (I wrote about that with more detail here: do we need rules in spiritual practice?)

A good thing was that I had dedicated time to read and write! So now I have plenty of inspirational material ready to be published in the coming days :) (not here, but there)

Besides all that, welcome to 2013! And here’s the best advice-of-the-year I read and will try to follow as much as possible

After you eat, wash your bowl.

Last but not least, new theme for the blog. Yes, in case you didn’t notice, it’s a different one! More readable, but keeping 100% of the simplicity ;)


Do we need rules in spiritual practice?

Over the years I’ve seen many people running away from spiritual paths (especially my own) due to inherent need to follow certain rules and regulations, do’s and dont’s.
Anyone who might have studied or read spiritual biographies or stories will understand the need for these things, especially when this instructions are coming from the spiritual aspirant’s master himself. Sometimes they are easy and understandable, other times they are void of any logic or reasoning, but still, it is in the disciple’s best interest to follow those instructions.

I guess this allergy to rules is just one of those things of these modern times, a side effect of this so called “new age” mentality, that wants you to be “free”. And, as such, working for this “freedom” seems to imply that you only do whatever you want to do. “Listen to your heart”, they say. That’s nice and sweet talk, but that won’t get you far.

Let me use a simple analogy here. If you have Continue reading Do we need rules in spiritual practice?