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(R)Evolucionar Portugal… hummm, lá para Março :)

E pronto, hoje finalmente inicia-se a divulgação! Está lançada a semente, e isto promete!!


Poster Oficial

back from london, straight to a great weekend

Although my trip to London was a really quick one, I had a great time there. Instead of visiting monuments or places like on the previous trip, this time I just walked around… and I really mean *around* :) Didn’t carry (and don’t own) a camera with me, so the mobile phone got some pictures of some of the cool places I visited. The photos are available on my facebook profile.

Tourism sighting apart, the NLP workshop was great. Got the chance to meet and see live one of the most interesting persons walking on our planet. It’s just the way that guy thinks, talks, and makes you look at things in a different way. Do you know when you think “outside the box”? Well, Richard Bandler goes outside from whatever “outside the box” means :P

Pity that I can’t make the full course now, but it’s on my list of things to do later…. and it will have to be with him!

Another cool thing was the fact that I spent more time on the street, and due to travelling alone, got more interaction with people, and when not interacting I was at least paying more attention. It’s interesting to see that people there are not embodying that old idea of “english snobs” anymore, nor are they more “formal” or “distant”. I actually think they are quite ahead of us here… which goes against my preconceived idea :) In many occasions, it was interesting to note the openness and easiness of how people talk with each other, start conversations, laugh, etc…

Language happens on a unconscious level, it is processed unconsciously, and that it’s why it is so powerful! Being aware of that during this trip was also interesting. People tend to use lots of positive and motivational words when speaking with each other, even with strangers or short sentences. I was constantly listening to words like “great”, “cheers”, “fantastic”, “thanks a lot”, even in totally unimportant things. This permanent “ideation” on positive words and states, has got to have a positive influence on people and their interaction and overall feelings. After arriving in Portugal, this difference was so evident that it scared me! What I previously thought to be an open people, now seems a lot more closed (exceptions exist, yes :) ). Something to keep studying… use words wisely!


After recovering from a night without sleep, saturday and sunday were spent at the Switch Conference in Porto (yes, Porto, I don’t support the Oporto crap or changing any other city name). Switch is about technology, creativity, entrepreneurship, innovation, and all those buzzwords :) Great event with lots of interesting people and some really good presentations.

My main issue with this “trend” of conferences, and motivational speakers, is that they all seem to ignore one important fact: all human beings are different. Just because some people are able to do X and Y, to fight, to fall and to stand, to struggle and to achieve massive success, doesn’t mean everybody will do, or WANT to do the same. There’s nothing wrong in being different from that kind of persona. Each person has its own value, being an entrepreneur or not, fighting to create their perfect jobs or not, being able to speak at conferences or not :) Our value is way beyond that. Our human value is more precious that what can be shown in such ways, and it worries me to see some people wanting to be someone else instead of trying to find out who they are in the first place. Be authentic, there lies your perfection.

It’s also good to see that as time goes by, more and more people are “waking” up to their own consciousness, to other values in life, like “knowing themselves”, “meditation”, “love”. Its inevitable that it doesn’t happen that way, its part of the grand-plan of evolution, and the collective consciousness is evolving in that direction.. changing so many things at the same time… awesome to see it happening “live” :) Eventually, people will need more and more of that “energy”, but it won’t be found in talks, videos or books… it has to be harnessed from somewhere else… ;)

Great times to be alive, I’m curious to see what’s happening in the next 1-2 years!

dia da problemática colocação do mastro

So, Portugal lost yesterday. Yay for Eduardo, best goalkeeper ever! The rest, well… excuses and excuses, we lost so get over it! (By the way, you’ll only understand today’s post title if you are portuguese and know Deolinda ;) )

Just got to know about Veetle 2 days ago. Very interesting project, check out the movie channels.. they’re broadcasting interesting stuff the whole day. I do wonder about the copyright infringements… oh well :P

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