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there is a reason for the mistery…

«So why should He remain acintyá [beyond the sensory and intellectual understanding]? According to the devotees, the reason is that had He come within the scope of thought, all human beings would have got Him within their reach and that would have been the end of their love – there would be no further desire to attain Him. The advantage of His remaining acintya is that there is an incessant desire to attain Him. This very desire to attain Him will make the humans greater and greater. That’s why a poet said:

“You have become infinite,
The right decision indeed
As you will remain infinite for ever.
Had you come within our reach,
Noone would have further sought to embrace you.”»

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti


Articles list

Besides all the inspirational materials, Articles were the main purpose of this blog, in order to give more detailed explanations and analysis on selected spiritual topics.

To make it simpler to find and read articles, the blog has now a new Articles list page, a much easier way to find articles compared to browsing via categories. More to come soon! Enjoy :)