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To Be

«Rich Fernandez, former director of executive education at Google, recently wrote an article where he lays out eight simple questions to help put us in touch with our inner-selves, in a way that can open our minds to help us find the kind of work we enjoy.

Rich says…

727555B8-1823-4736-AE27-A57F0F132569“Most of us think too much about what we should do and not enough about what we should be,” said the fourteenth-century mystic Meister Eckhart. “If we would pay more attention to what we should be, our work would shine forth brightly.”

How true.

What if instead of simply creating “To Do” lists for ourselves, we also create “To Be” lists of what we aspire to be in our working lives and beyond?

I invite you to experiment with a “To Be” list. Here are some prompts to get you started:

– How would I like each day to unfold?
– What would I like to be focusing my energy and attention on, if I had any choice available to me?
– What makes me experience joy?
– What energizes me?
– What makes me feel balance? Integration?
– What state of mind would I like to be in while I work?
– What other aspects of my life do I wish to be paying more attention to?
– By the end of my life, what kind of person do I wish to be?

The answers that emerge from questions like these can influence and direct your work, ultimately allowing you to thrive in that work because you are following your own life’s energy, instead of opposing it, fighting it or suppressing it. By placing attention on what it means to be fully aligned, fully yourself, and fully present in your work, you are able to give your best to your work, to yourself, and to the world.”

Rich Fernandez»

I took this excerpt from this great article How To Do What You Love For A Living Instead Of Some Shit That Sucks

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