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Desligar, para ligar

Há seis meses atrás (já passaram seis?!) decidi sair do Facebook. Pensei que ia ter um desafio pela frente, pois embora não o usasse muito, gostava de partilhar coisas interessantes e ver também outras coisas que algumas pessoas partilhavam.
Nunca imaginei que fosse tão fácil sair. Em nenhum momento algum destes seis meses senti falta de lá entrar, ler ou escrever. Pelo contrário, libertou-me mais tempo para fazer outras coisas interessantes.

Há aproximadamente um mês atrás dei mais um passo, desliguei o twitter. Gostava do twitter, muito mais do que o facebook. Mas senti que me fazia perder imenso tempo com banalidades, coisas que até podiam ser interessantes, mas que na verdade não acrescentavam nada de valor à vida. Foi-se. Não sinto falta.

Agora dei um outro passo. Vender o smartphone e desligar o serviço de internet no telemóvel. De volta a um simples Nokia, que faz o que é preciso, com bateria que dura duas semanas e onde escrevo rapidamente :)

Tem sido um desligar progressivo, mas para atingir uma ligação mais valiosa, aquela com o mundo à nossa volta, à vida, às pessoas. Somos levados a acreditar que precisamos de ter, ver, saber tanta coisa… na verdade não precisamos de quase nada. A vida é simples :)


Bye bye Nokia

So my current cellphone (nokia e66) is for sale. This is probably my last goodbye to Nokia. I like the phones, but the software is really 10 years back in time. I guess Nokia will still have a good place on the cell phone market, but regarding smartphones they are too far behind. Their OS is as good as dead, and the new solutions (Meego) for smartphones are so expensive that you are better served with an iPhone or Android. What will I miss most? OVI Maps for sure, its one of the best GPS navigation apps I’ve seen, which is now being given for free!

What am I switching to? Don’t know yet… Android seems a good choice… but they are so expensive :/

Great weekend coming up next!! Saturday, GTD seminar in Aveiro, David Fonseca concert at night. Sunday, Deolinda !! weeee :D

Bonus stuff

  • Gastronomic summer science: how to make a good salad – everything you need to know about salad and salad dressing :)

Mobile life

Since I could not sell my old laptop, I decided to accept a trade for a Nokia E66 smartphone.

Nowadays I’m spending many hours in train rides and I really need to maximize the utilization of that time with useful things. My Macbook has a wonderful battery life that allows me to do that. My next question was, how to get internet access? I considered getting one mobile broadband access device (there are several available in Portugal), but the prices are quite high for the low use I would do with it. Finally, I decided to get this phone because it has wifi, bluetooth and internet support. I can actually share the GPRS/3G connection with the laptop, so I get internet anywhere.

My next question was how to get a proper and cheaper internet service. After some days of reading lots of posts, tariffs and thinking about it, I finally decided to move another mobile operator: Rede 4. It’s one of those “low-cost” mobile operators, but has very good prices for mobile internet (my plan is 5€ for 100Mb a month). I have Opera both in the phone and in the Mac, so I can use its Turbo feature to save on traffic :)

Today I also tried to make a Voip call using Fring, and it worked like a charm (ok, 1 or 2 secs lag). I guess I will be using this, since they are not blocking it :) Note: I’m not using the 3G connection mode, or else the traffic boosts up a lot. 2G is fine, even for Voip.

So, just for you to know, I changed my number, if you don’t have it yet, leave a comment and I’ll sms it to you.

Nokia E66 is a great phone, the only bad points is battery life (ok i’m always playing with it, but still….) and not so great for a GTD practitioner.