#NLP’ers: never forget the ecological check!

I was getting all excited in these past days due to knowing of a person who had some serious anxiety attacks and traumas that prevented him from even leaving the house. "Finally" - I thought - "some *real* therapeutic treatment opportunity". The truth is that I'm getting quite bored with the spider/flying/insert_something_else_here phobias. Too easy … Continue reading #NLP’ers: never forget the ecological check!


my first big NLP challenge

(this one goes in English to reach a wider audience. those who are researching/studying/practicing NLP can find more info after the break) So last week I went to face my first big NLP challenge. Scenario: a 68 year-old man who has been visiting psychiatrists for the past 4 years, under medication for hallucinations and bipolar … Continue reading my first big NLP challenge