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Getting Up Early – an important ingredient for maximizing your life

Today I bumped into a Robin Sharma’s video titled “How to Get Up Early”.

I always found this topic to be very important, as by my own experience, waking up early was always a key factor in my productivity, energy, motivation, happiness and meaning (wow, yes, all that :)) Robin summarizes 5 key tips that can help you with that:

5 Tips On How To Wake Up Early

1) Get Fit
2) Every Single Week Get A Massage
3) Eat Less Food – Don’t Eat After 8pm
4) In The Morning Write In A Journal
5) Learn to Find Ways To Love Your Current Job

You can find his video and a short explanation of each point at his blog post.

I’m also writing about this, because there is one factor I’ve always experienced to have a strong influence on how early and well I can wake up and get out of bed, and that is: programming yourself to do it.

I’ve found many times that when I go to sleep and tell myself with sincerity and determination that I have to wake up at X hours, I always wake up 10minutes earlier than that. Our brain does magic, even when you don’t know how, our unconscious mind has such an untapped power! What I’ve also found is that this tends to fail if you are not motivated for it, or resisting the reason that makes you wake up early. That’s why I said that you must do it with sincerity, don’t try to fool your mind :)

This, in fact, has a lot to do with tip no. 5 by Robin. It all comes down to your motivation, the purpose, the WHY you are doing it. If you are in love with your Job, or with whatever you are doing after you wake up, it will get much easier. If you are not, here are two things to do:

  1. Repeat: learn ways to love your current job. Robin’s latest book has great tips of advice
  2. Get motivated with what you can do with that extra time: it’s a precious time of the day for meditation, reflection, personal development, reading, writing…. find value in having that time and you will not want to miss it :)

For those of you who don’t know, Robin Sharma is a world leading motivational speaker and self and professional development coach. He is the author of well known books like the “Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” and “The Leader Who Had No Title”.


collected stuff

Returned from Lisbon yesterday. These 4-hour long train trips can get really boring after a while. If only my battery could last more then 5 minutes… :( Anyway, not all is bad. Having to stare for 4 hours to a blank piece of paper can really help to brainstorm and do very efficient mind-sweeps. My GTD next-actions list grew by 2 pages ;)

Some weeks ago I blogged about the start of a new project about alternative news. I feel frustrated that after so long I still could not dedicate enough time to follow it up and kick-start it. Yesterday while looking to all my tasks and responsibilities I just realized that it is really going to be difficult to do it the way I wanted it to be done. So, I’m changing the vision a little bit and I will do something along those lines but in a more simple way, which allows me to keep it alive and updated without taking me much time and energy. Expect a new blog soon :)

Some randomly collected interesting stuff from the last few days :)