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on happiness

It seems there is an always increasing number of books and articles being published on “the secrets to be happy”. I find it curious how each one praises itself to be the ultimate, best-way-you-really-cant-fail-with-this, method to achieve a happy life.

There are some to which happiness is all about being you and achieving your goals (materials or not), others to which happiness is just a mental state, which you can induce, others that say that there is no “happiness” but a collection of evergoing “happy” moments, etc etc.


Two knotty questions: 1 – how to be happy? but more interesting still, 2 – what is happiness, really?
You can’t be/get/do something, if you don’t know what that ‘something’ is.

So, lets get philosophical here: Continue reading on happiness


busy weekend

Packing and preparing to leave to Porto. Saturday I have a whole-day-skype-meeting. Sunday morning I’m going to a short-concert of Igudesman and Joo‘s “A Little Nightmare Music”. I’m sure it’s going to be great :) After that, back to Lisbon for more meetings, hope to have time to watch the world cup final! And on monday should be back in Covilhã… phew!

Going through some old stuff (my ancient homepage and blogs), found this valuable piece of advice:

And really, what you are looking for is just a happy moment, a happy moment, a happy moment, a happy moment! A happy life is just a string of happy moments. But most people don’t allow the happy moment, because they are SO BUSY trying to get a happy life, you see.

Bonus stuff

This is a sea slug, and if you can find a cooler looking animal, let me know