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Masters of Pong – update 3

This week was kind of slow in development due to… life! :)

Anyway, all the basics are done, I also implemented a simple score system and you can now see text on the screen. I’ve made a new video showing off some of the cool features the game has. Next task: do the tournament!

Hope to have this all ready to release in 1 or 2 weeks :)

Advice: open the video in youtube so you can see it with good resolution


Game dev update 2

So, after my last public commitment, been spending a few hours(when I can get them) coding the game. The codename was NYOP (Not Your Ordinary Pong), but as ideas keep popping up, I have some bigger plans for it and decided to rename it to Masters of Pong: Tournament (sounds cool, no?)

All the basics of pong are done. Today I got a bit bored with the game mechanics so I decided to jazz it up with some better visuals, sounds and a menu.

One thing that was really fun was to program the AI player. Right now it has 4 levels, and one more (the God one) will be coming soon. It’s really exciting to see it come to life and have it play against you :)

Initially I came up with the name Not Your Ordinary Pong because I had lots of ideas to improve on the simple pong game. As all the basics are done, I will from now on start working on those :D

Here are some highlights of the game, so far, and a short video below (sorry for the poor quality)

  • 5 levels of AI Players
  • different cool backgrounds and one awesome soundtrack
  • …it’s pong! :P

I’m commited

One of the things I read most in gamedev forums and subreddits is to not to worry about making a great game, but in actually finishing one. I really get this. I’ve been for so long having ideas about games I’d like to try and code, but then the ideas just keep growing and growing, up to a point where the whole thing is so overwhelming that I just give it up due to the complexity.

So now I’m taking that advice for real, I picked up a simple idea and elaborate it a little bit more. Now I’m publicly committing myself to start and finish this game. And I’ll leave this screenshot here, for historical purposes :)

NYOP's very first screenshot