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oh hai, blog!

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More than a month after my last blog post… the more time passes, the more stuff you have to write and the less you feel motivated to do it. It’s just like dealing with backlog (gtd moment here), drag it to the side and deal with it! So this post is exactly for that, a quick catch up of the last month, and an update on Life, the Universe and… Everything! ;)

So I finally found a place to live in Lisbon for the next couple of months. It’s in a very typical Lisbon neighborhood, has its fun sides :)
I also decided to get a separate place exclusively to work. Why? No better than the Oat Meal to explain that for me. So far, I’m very happy with that decision :D

GTD in Portugal with Germinar is starting up, lots of cool ideas have been showing up but as it’s a one man’s show it takes some time to develop. In September I did the first company training to a Auditing company in Lisbon, which was great! Its amazing how much we learn when we have to teach!

Learning a lot on marketing, social networking and advertising (somebody has to do it, right?). Bit by bit getting to know some cool, entrepreneurial people, which share the same kind of motivation, passion and dreams.

Next month I’m off to London for a GTD seminar conducted by Next-Action Associates and David Allen Company. Taking the opportunity to get in touch with some GTD staff, and link with them for some collaboration in developing GTD in Europe. Also, I’ll take the advantage of being there and spend 2 days visiting London which I never did before (I’ll be in central London – Victoria, Westminster, etc).

Spending less and less time on facebook, just sharing some links now and then and replying back. If you really want to know what I’m up to, connect with Twitter, that’s where all the action is … or if you are a Buzz-er you should get the updates too.

OH! Almost forgot, I got my Amazon Kindle in the beginning of September. Totally in love with it :D I’ve read the obligatory “Hitchhicker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, “The Restaurant at the End of the Universe” and “The meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything”. Great piece of work by Douglas Adams, I couldn’t recall the last time a book made me laugh so much :D I’m looking forward to read the last 2 in this trilogy of 5 ;) But right now I’m doing more important reading (work related) – “Making It All Work” by David Allen and “Zilch” by Nancy Lublin.

Phew, this weekend was a lot about writing!

see you around!

29 july (did I leave my title somewhere here?)

Phew, got back from Lisbon again. Had the time to visit 3 places for rent.. no decisions yet. One more week in August of intense searching and visiting and I should have somewhere to go :)

Amazon just updated their Kindles, now with a slicker cooler design, lighter, and cheaper :) Also comes with a WiFi-only version, no 3G. Seems like the perfect excuse for me to get one :D

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