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beyond the changes

Sometimes we may tend to think that we are living in a special time, or phase. We may think we are experiencing a phase of change, some sort of special period, maybe a shift of consciousness due to cosmological aspects, a change in the way we live and think… A change in society, in education, in whatever aspects you might want to think of.

Life itself is a dynamic force, movement its it inherent characteristic, therefore change is a constant. In our micro mini perspective of something called time we may or may not see change, we may or may be able to identify special phases, but the fact is that it really doesn’t matter.

Beyond our own limited conceptions of what is change, beyond all the shifts in astrological eras and beyond all our own ideas of what is happening in the “world”, there lies the One, absolute and immutable truth.

As part of a natural cycle, we can get involved in the “change” of the phase we are living in. But no matter what phase of the cycle is that, no matter what is the change happening, wouldn’t it be wiser to make the source of that cycle our main focus? Everything else is just relative. Do you want to live a never-ending change, or experience that One blissful source of everything? :)


my first big NLP challenge

(this one goes in English to reach a wider audience. those who are researching/studying/practicing NLP can find more info after the break)

So last week I went to face my first big NLP challenge. Scenario: a 68 year-old man who has been visiting psychiatrists for the past 4 years, under medication for hallucinations and bipolar disease. His wife called me and explained that he does barely talk, doesn’t maintain conversations, doesn’t go out of the house for months (except for going to the hospital), doesn’t smile for ages, etc… you get the picture.

This was simultaneously scary and exciting ;) Never had a chance to deal with a person like that, much less to try and make him change his condition. Anyway, since I am committed to develop my skills in this practice, I told I would pay them a visit. As he was under heavy medication for his behaviours and hallucinations I feared that I might find him very sedated and that would ruin the change work. So I instructed his wife to reduce by half the medicine intake on the day before my visit, and to remove it completely on the day itself.

yes, magic has a structure! ;-)

Unfortunately, she was too afraid to do that and only reduced a little bit on the day I went there. Because of that he was still too drugged and speaking and moving slowly. This got me a bit upset as now I could not have access to the part of him where all those problems manifest. Anyway, after 2 hours, his wife was amazed when I asked her “can you bring us his wheelchair? we want to go for a walk outside”, she could not believe that he actually agreed to go outside the house. He actually got to smile and laugh a few times, something he didn’t do for many months (so they say…)

Before I left I told her again to reduce the medicine (very gradually) and see what the effect would be like. And if he displayed negative signs she could call me again for a second session.
This week I finally got feedback! She was very very happy, in her own words, her husband is a very different person since I was there, he is talking, smiling and even wants to go outside everyday! She asked him what I did to him but he can only say “nothing, we just talked… and one time he told me to close my eyes…” hehe magic in action ;)

Lets see how the situation develops from here on! :)

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