The road back to farming

Queria resumir mais, mas foi difícil não colocar aqui este excerto todo. Mostra bem a profundidade e os anos luz que o Fukuoka leva à frente daquilo que é “estar na natureza” :)

Ao ler, reler e sentir o que ele escreve é como ter alguns vislumbres de um estado que quero chegar… consigo percebê-lo… mas sei que ainda está fora do alcance…

«Recently, led by individuals aware of the danger of being swallowed up by urban civilization, people in the great metropolises, cut off from the natural world, have sensed within themselves a heightened need for nature and have even begun seeking a road back to farming. What is that keeps them from realizing their dreams but themselves, the land, and the law? Do people really love nature? Do they really intend to return to the land and here build up a society where they may live in peace and comfort? Somehow, it does not look that way to me.

Even when I think that the hopes and views of these people are absolutely correct, I cannot help feeling a sense of futility and distance in the end. It is something like scooping up duckweed floating on the surface of a pond and watching it slip through one’s fingers. There do not seem to be any links between people, between man and nature, between up and down, right and left.

Although both encounter the same nature, the city youth sees a natural world that is nothing more than a vision or dream, while what the rural youth works is not earth, but merely soil. […]

The consumer, who denounces food contamination, has himself sown the seeds of pollution. He does not think it strange that agricultural science has flourished and the farmer declines. The politician who laments the course taken by modern agriculture rejoices at the decrease in the number of farmers. The very corporations that have prospered from an agricultural base have brought farmers to ruin.

Farmers themselves have destroyed the earth while praying for its protection. People attack the destruction of nature yet condone destruction in the name of development. They make compromises in the name of harmony and prepare for the next wild rampage.[…]

The lack of coherence in this world and the flood of disjointed campaigns attest to one thing: what everyone really loves is not nature but himself. The painter who sketches the mountains and rivers appears to love nature, but his real love is sketching nature. The farmer who works the earth merely loves the thought of himself laboring in the fields. The agricultural scientist and administrator believe they love nature, but one only really loves the study of nature and the other enjoys studying and passing judgement on the farmers at work. Man has glimpsed but one tiny portion of nature. People only think they understand its true essence; they only think they love nature.

Some people transplant trees from the mountains into their garden as a token of their love for nature while others plant trees in the mountains. Some say that going to the mountains is faster than planting trees or demand that roads be laid down to make the mountains more accessible while others insist on walking to the mountains rather than going by car. All wish to adore nature but by different means so they believe that the only solution is to advance while maintaining harmony in some way. However, because their perception and understanding of nature is superficial, these methods of appreciating nature are all at odds with each other. If each and every individual penetrated to the very core of nature and truly understood its essence, then no differences of opinion would arise.

Masanobu-FukuokaNo “method” is needed for loving nature. The only road to nature is non-action, the only method is no method at all. All one must do is to do nothing. The means will become clear of itself and the goal absurdly easy to attain.

This is what I mean by doubting the degree of resolution in those who profess a wish to return to nature. Are they really drawn to farming? Do they really love nature? If you have a genuine love for nature and wish to return to farming, the way will open with great ease before you. But if your love for nature is superficial and what you do amounts simply to making use of farming for your own purposes, the road will be closed off to you; returning to nature will be impossibly difficult.

The first obstacle that blocks the movement back to the land is people; it lies within yourself.»

The Natural Way of Farming – Masanobu Fukuoka


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