«That weekend there was a seminar on superconscious meditation, and the title of Swamiji’s lecture was “Preparation for Meditation”. Swamiji started his lecture in his typical style: “I pray to the Divinity in you. How are you today? Are you comfortable? Do you like the food? . . .The topic given to me this morning is ‘Preparation for Meditation’ “. But within a few minutes he dropped the topic and started talking about discipline.

He said, “Discipline means cultivating qualities and qualifications that enable you to become a disciple. Let me tell you the difference between a student and a disciple. A student comes, takes some classes, and goes away. He may practice a part of what he has learned and ignore the rest. He still has doubts and fears regarding the teacher, the teachings, and his own ability to practice the teachings. A disciple is he who has an organized mind and knows the value of his time as well as the value of his teacher’s time. He is determined to undertake a practice, for he knows it is the practice that makes one perfect. There is a silent understanding between teacher and disciple: ‘I will teach provided that you practice’ – ‘I will practice no matter what.’

In this circumstance both teacher and disciple follow certain disciplines. At a spiritual level the teacher makes himself available whenever the disciple needs his help. The only thing the teacher asks from the disciple is ‘Be disciplined’. The first step in disciplining yourself is to overcome your carelessness. To start and complete your practice, first you have to organize your external and internal life. And you can do so only when you are not careless. A vigilant person alone can make the best use of his time and learn the art of how to be creative and productive. According to the sages, carelessness is the mother of all sins. So many times you do now want to make a mistake but due to carelessness, you commit mistakes. Carelessness is a negative trait that resides in the dark and dull corners of the mind. Unless you throw away this trait you cannot discipline yourself, and unless you discipline yourself, you cannot deserve to be a disciple. True wisdom is imparted only to the disciples, whereas information is disseminated to all students and followers.” »

“The Official Biography of Swami Rama of the Himalayas”
Pandit Rajmani Tigunati


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