a loving relationship


«Who should be your object of ideation? Who is the faculty that created you, feeds you, and takes you on his lap when the proper time comes? He is the Cognitive Force behind the Cosmic Energy. He controls the Cosmic Energy with his intellectual and intuitional power. He is the Parama Puruśa and actually He is the causal matrix, and so He should be your only object of ideation, your only object of meditation, He is the Supreme Father. There is no other alternative but to move along His path: He knoweth all. Be one with Him. Now from the very start of your life in the distant past and up to the final culmination of all your movements and marches you are with Him, you will be with Him and under no circumstances can you be away from Him. So He – the Parama Puruśa, is the only object of ideation.The root meaning of the term bábá is “the dearest one” or “the nearest one”. As He is the Supreme Father, the Parama Puruśa, He is Bábá of the entire creation; and because you are the created beings, you are His loving children, you are also His Bábá – because bábá means “nearest and dearest one”. As He is your only object of ideation, as His name is the only projection of your microcosmic entity, only thought-projection, only introversial projection – intro-cum-extroversial projection – so His name should be always with you – in your mind, in your tongue, in your vocal cord, everywhere. And I feel, and I also realize, and that is why I say, when His devotees, His children, sing Bábá nám kevalam, He also sings Bábá nám kevalam.
Kalyáńamastu [Let there be welfare]»

12 May 1979 DMC, Fiesch, Switzerland
Shrii Shrii Anandamurti


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