Moving to Him

“You know, there is nothing disorderly in this Universe. Everything moves according to certain rules. In this solar system of ours, the sun is the nucleus, and so many planets are moving around the sun. In this ethereal system, the earth is the nucleus, and the moon is moving around it. Similarly, in the atomic system also there is a nucleus and electrons move around the nucleus. In our cosmological order the Supreme Consciousness is the nucleus and so many animate and inanimate objects are moving around Him, knowingly or unknowingly. Human beings move knowingly and other animals, other less developed living beings, and also inanimate objects – even some human beings – move unknowingly, unconsciously  The radius of those who move unknowingly remains unchanged, or even, due to their mean propensities, their radius may increase. But spiritual aspirants always try to lessen the length of their radius. They come closer and closer to the Supreme, and when they come to the nearest proximity, they become one with the Nucleus, and that is the stage of Salvation.
Now, so many entities, so many individuals are moving around Him; they have so many physical structures – long, short, white, black, learned, illiterate – but the common goal is the Nucleus, the Supreme Consciousness. There should be no shyness, no hatred, no complex in human beings because that Nucleus is the bigger “I” of everybody – that Nucleus is the Supreme Progenitor of all.”
~Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

Just as in any other nuclear system, two forces are constantly in play in the movement of the different actors: the centripetal (or introversial) force, and the centrifugal (or extroversial) force. One pulls the entity to it, while the other pushes it further away.

The difference between this spiritual cosmological system and the other nuclear systems, is that its movements are of psychic and spiritual nature, while in all other cases its only about physical movements. That is, when we talk about coming closer to the nucleus or moving further away, we are actually comparing how close or how distant your soul is from that One pure, subtle, spiritual emanation.

While the introversial force will inspire you and help you to move to the nucleus, the extroversial force will distract you and create more difficulties or distractions to move you away from the nucleus.

The knotty issue here is not that the extroversial force is seen or felt as “bad” by us. If it was, then it would be easily identified. But no! It can take so many shapes and expressions, and can actually feel “good” in a very dense and materialistic sense, and that is why it is so easy to get lost in its charms and temptations.

A spiritual aspirant must be ever-vigilant to where his or her mind is being pulled. It is with this awareness, carefulness and dedication to our spiritual upliftment that we will find enough security to evade the tricky tactics of this extroversial force.

A few days ago, while walking on the street, a old lady handed me a leafleft. I only noticed what it was after having accepted it, it was religious literature from some church. I thought to myself, “why not? let’s see what they have to say!”. Although full of metaphorical stories (which, unfortunately, people take as reality) and filled with dogma, the message was still the same as what I’m writing about. In the Bible, Satan tempted Jesus with wine, women and physical pleasures, to try and deviate him from the spiritual path. Jesus maintained his strength and ordered Satan to go away for good.

This is what a spiritual aspirant has to learn, to identify those expressions of the extroversial forces, and kick them out of his path. And, with full determination and focus, move along towards that sublime and sweet state of existence.

The struggle between these two forces gets harder and more intense as we go along, it does not get easier. Meaning, we will feel more help and strength from the introversive force, but we will also face bigger obstacles from the extroversial force. The fight only ends when we reach the goal, until then, the nature will be of an internal struggle with nothing but ourselves.

Just like a magnet attracts a piece of iron, so that cosmic nucleus is drawing all its entities back to the center. The force of attraction felt by that piece of iron will be greater, when it is closer to the magnet, and it will also be greater if the iron is free from impurities. Like that, we will also feel a greater force of attraction and spiritual inspiration as we get closer and closer to the One. And the more we are able to make our minds subtle and free from bondages and impurities, so we will also be able to feel more and more that attraction reflected on our soul.

And the more we are able to feel it, the more we want to feel it. An attraction that is so irresistible, that it will fill our minds with only one desire, the desire to get to the source of itself. With this intense movement, what other force can stand in our way?

And what other name can we give to this movement, if not devotion?



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