Cleanliness of mind

In the moral values of yoga (yama and niyama), there is one called “Saoca”, which we can translate as “cleanliness” or “purity”. Its application is two-fold, internal and external.

Externally, it’s easy to understand the impact that a pleasant and harmonious environment can have on our state of mind, not to speak in terms of physical health.
But the internal part is the most interesting and yesterday I got to experience a little bit of it, from the negative side.

Those who know me, know that I’m a person that likes extremes. What I like about extreme opposites, is that it makes much easier to understand things. When something is more intense, its much faster to grasp what effect it has. If things are always bland and soft, then it can be difficult and slow to understand that effect. So, generally speaking, even if something turns out to have a negative influence, I’ll be thankful for it to be intense, so that I’m sure it is negative and don’t delay in making any changes.

Such was the happening yesterday. I rarely watch movies these days, and when I do, I try to choose really good and inspiring ones. Somehow, I found myself watching a movie which didn’t have any of these qualities. I wasn’t really planning to watch it, but next thing I noticed, two hours had gone by!

When I got up and went to do my evening meditation, I was in shock at how my mind got influenced and changed in that short amount of time. I was actually *feeling* different, with strange thoughts, strange emotions and images going on inside my mind. I never regreted so much having watched something…

Now, this movie was not some terror or psycho story, it was actually a quite mainstream movie. But this tells us the impact something can have on you when your vibration is very different from it. And that’s why extremes are good. Just to explain this better, let’s suppose we could quantify our level of subtlety with a score. Lets say person A has 20 marks and person B has 80 marks. Person B is much more subtle than A.
Both watch a movie, which has a vibration of 15. For A, the difference is only 5, so A doesn’t really feel the impact of such a movie. But for B, which is in another extreme, the difference is huge! So B will feel a lot of difference from having received and assimilated those vibrations.

Getting back to our main topic, Saoca. Internal cleanliness is about what you allow your mind to assimilate and ideate upon. When we are moving on this hard path towards subtlety, the more you go up, the easier it is to fall down, because the vibrational difference between the two sides will be greater. It is, therefore, of utmost importance to be every vigilant about what you are feeding your own mind, and what effect will it have. Will it be elevating or degrading?

This is what Saoca is all about. Keep your mind free from junk, from crudeness and materialism. Be selective!

“As you think, so you become”


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