moving house…

So this month I’ve started my move to a new place, and I’m just barely finishing the cleaning and organizing of all the stuff I brought with me. Lot of scope to practice my minimalism and reduce the amount of car trips I need to make :)

Despite having very small rooms, this new house has 3 of them, which will allow me for the first time to have one dedicated room for spiritual practices :) Why not? We have one to sleep, one to eat, one to watch tv(???), why not have one to the one thing that is more important than sleeping, eating and wasting time?

A few more days to give it some final touches and get some missing furniture and its ready to go! (I’m camping there at the moment :D). Then, as soon as it is all ready, I’ll start working on the mini-garden outside, yay! Too bad we are on winter mode now, but there’s always stuff to do!

I’ll get some pics later.


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