social structure

«Sa tu bhavati daridra yasya áshá vishálá
Manasi ca parituśt́e ko’rthaván ko daridrah.

“Those whose desires are vast become poor: If someone is mentally happy, who is wealthy and who is poor?”

O human beings, build the social structure considering the needs of humanity. Do not try to do anything for your petty personal and group interests, because whatever little you want to do with your limited outlook cannot last. The cruel touch of time will annihilate your aspirations into an oblivion that you cannot comprehend. It is not necessary to study books to know how to work, how to do, how to retain and how to renounce. Rather you should look upon every living being of the universe with sincere feelings of love and compassion. Only then will you realize that whatever you make, retain or break is generated and controlled by the Supreme Entity. In that condition you will realize that all your positive and negative activities are embedded in the all-blissful state. Through action mixed with devotion and knowledge you will find the meaning of your life, the supreme treasure of your heart. This treasure you have unknowingly kept carefully hidden in the golden casket of your heart.»

P.R. Sarkar


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