whats the best benefit?

We often think what could we possibly be gaining by doing spiritual practices. Sometimes there are no external signs, no proofs, and we question why are we doing it at all, if there are no visible changes.

Then one day comes, when in a particular situation you are in, you look at yourself, the way you think and react, and you say to yourself, “my god, how much I changed!!”. And then you understand, that not all changes have to be so visible.

Rather, the deepest and most important are usually the ones you don’t see, because they happen at such deep levels of your being.

And I wonder, which is the best benefit: achieving a state of happiness and contentment, or achieving a state of detachment so good that when shit happens you just don’t get affected by it at all, it becomes just like watching a movie….

But then, aren’t both part of the same thing? Doesn’t one help the other to exist?


One thought on “whats the best benefit?

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