My “new year” post

“What is time? Time is nothing but the psychic measurement of the motivity of action.” – Shrii P.R. Sarkar

Some weeks ago I wrote about changing our concept of “week”. Playing with time is an interest thing, as time is nothing but a psychic construction (and a relative one).

The same thing applies to the concept of “year”. The calendar as we know it has very old origins. Even long before the (actual) roman calendar, other countries were already using a similar thing. The roman calendar was, if I’m not mistaken, a way to control the periodic taxes applied to the citizens. But in most older calendars, they were used mainly for agricultural purposes. The bengali calendar, for instance, it’s not only about the sun, but the moon too, as it has relevant effects on planting and harvesting of crops.

But lets go back to the main topic. This “new year” thing is, therefore, nothing but playing inside our own psychic structures of time. Ask the birds and the trees about the new year. There is no new year, there is no change of month or weekdays, the sun is just setting and rising, like it always has. If, even for just a few moments, you are able to grasp that, and feel that freedom… the hell with time! :)

Of course everything has it use and time is useful so that we can organize things with each other while living in a society. Lets just not get stuck in it. People get frustrated because they didn’t finish something on time, then didn’t arrive on time, they missed the resolutions for 2011, and now its over and they failed, etc etc. Take this hint: don’t make resolutions for 2012, there is no 2012. Just follow your heart in what you are to do, and what you have to do.

Goals or no goals? Doesn’t really matter for me. I have goals while they make sense, when they don’t make sense, I drop them and move ahead (unless of course, there are other people involved). If you feel like setting goals, why wait for a new year? There’s nothing new in that, except the meaning that you give to it. And that, you can give and change at any time you want.

Be less in the “time” and more in the now ;)

PS – despite all this, I’m still in favour of all the celebrations :P it’s a good thing to take all opportunities to celebrate life!


oh, and a happy new year :P


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