-1 wish :)

(sorry, this one goes in english because I know it will be written faster ;) )

P(re)S – not been updating the blog much, but I decided I to write only when I have something interesting to say, and not just to fit some sort of posting schedules.

Richard Bandler with some of our portuguese participants

I can now cross one more item of my wish-list. Took this great opportunity to travel to London in the beginning of the month to do a one-week intensive Licensed Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming course. What got me really motivated to go was the fact that the 3 trainers were some of the best in the world, including one of the NLP co-founders, Richard Bandler himself – which is definitely someone worth meeting for his peculiar ways of talking, teaching, treating, and just being mysterious ;)

One week passed in a flash. We were about 300 people, 3 trainers and about 15 assistants. People from all over the world, including countries like India and Venezuela!! So happy to find quite a few Portuguese folks there too :) The flow was great, the course materials were very interesting and we had a lot of practice together with the theory. Best of all, the teaching methodology followed by Richard Bandler and his team is: have LOADS of fun.

This course is just the first step, were we learn the most fundamental aspects of NLP practice like: accessing and maintaining emotional states, banishing fears and phobias, non-verbal communication, timelines, motivation, language patterns, reframing problems, changing limiting beliefs and behaviors, and some basic hypnotic inductions. All in all, we learn about looking at life with different eyes :)

Now back home, it’s up to us to keep up the study and most important, the practice! No need for private clients, therapies or counseling, the whole world is a practice playground! The supermarket is place where we can try many things :P The way I see it, there is no start or stoping NLP practice, if you are aware of it, you just do it all the time.

That said, some things still need specific people and conditions to be practiced, like removing phobias or treating depressions. I’m gonna get into that soon!

Banishing Phobias (click to zoom)

Hopefully, I will feel ready so that in one year’s time I can go back to do the Master Practitioner’s course :)


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