the God debate

“There are atheists who have perfected their oratory skills on their favorite subject so well that they often win debates on the topic of God’s existence.
They do have an easy time though because for most people God is synonymous with religious beliefs based on age-old dogmas hardly defensible against rational minds.

Arguing against the existence of spirituality is altogether another matter, for who hasn’t felt at least once in life a spiritually charged moment?
God’s nature may not lend itself to conclusive scientific analysis but neither is a host of subtle human propensities whose existence no one questions.
The truth is that scientists too can find the proof of God’s existence and understand the nature of devotion, but only if they agree to trade their expensive equipments with intuitional ones and shift their laboratories into their own minds.

Chances are though that, intoxicated by Love in its purest form, they may lose interest in sharing their discovery, thus maintaining intact the mystery, as it always happens.”

Dada Ganadevananda


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