back to mother land… tongue, that is :)

Everytime I write something, even if it’s only for myself, I tend to do it in english. Many times, I even think in english! It’s just more natural to do somethings in a language, and other things in other languages. Each have its own advantages and disadvantages in certain fields. English, for me, as always been much easier to work with, as it also where I do most of my reading and studying.

As I am now diving deeper and deeper into the field of NLP and hypnosis, the importance of language is getting more relevant. The problem is, I keep studying, thinking, writing and “practicing” in english, but then my real-life situations are in portuguese. This is creating some difficulties because language is extremely important in these practices and I’m feeling out of touch with my own mother tongue.

This blog has been a great way for me to share somethings about my own life (not so important for most of the audience), and to share what I hope to be inspiring, insightful and informative contents for people who care about the same topics that I do. I want to keep doing more of that, but I also want to start reaching to the people in my own country. Furthermore, the “english universe” is saturated with people writing about these things, while in portuguese there are very few.

So, I’ve made the decision to give a facelift to this blog and convert it to a portuguese blog. I’ll probably keep some of the original articles in english, and it’s possible I’ll write some more from time to time and will have a specific category or tag for those.

For any of you who don’t read portuguese and might be following my blog regularly, please excuse me for this. If there will be any help I can give you in anything, please get in touch by email or twitter. Besides that, there’s always google translator ;)



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