There is no life, only living…

A very precious piece, which I read a long long time ago, and came to my mind this morning. Luckily, I still had it in my old blog :)

PS – added a new page dedicated to a “Healthy Living

There is no waterfall; there is only waterfalling.
Waterfalls do not exist.
When you think you see a waterfall,
what is see is just water falling.

Likewise, there is no river; only rivering.
No writer here or reader here too;
only writing and reading.

There are no solid changes;
there is only fluid changing.
There are no shapes; only shape-shifting.
There is nothing morphed; only morphing.
The world is not the world.
The world is always worlding.

Everything is changing, changing…
leaving no trace of self.
Realise this and be free…
of the world, of your self.
This is true freedom!
For there is nothing else to be free of!


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