Life update for May

Is my theme-switching mania somehow related with the my house-moving mania? :P


Well, that’s a good way to start the topic: I’m moving again! I decided to go to Lisbon about a year ago, due to some personal and professional conditions. Right now, most of them don’t make sense anymore, and Lisbon is definitely not the place where I want to live my life. I’m missing the country side a lot and a more peaceful and healthy lifestyle, and big cities make that much harder to achieve and maintain.
So right now I’m trying to find out if I should stay a little bit longer (one year, max) or if I move right after summer. Move where? I have no idea… yet :P Porto is an option, Covilhã is an option,… and other strange places where I haven’t been yet are also an option :)


My passion for learning uncommon stuff and for helping people brought me something new. Something which I used to have a negative image of. Something which I never imagined I could like, understand or study and practice. My new hobby is now Astrology :D
It all started with a conversation I had with a friend. The way he talked about it, the way he made me see what astrology really is and what is based on, was something… astonishing! Couldn’t resist to start reading more about it, and soon enough I was already completely engaged in it. Would love to make a real course, to learn it properly, but its a bit expensive and lasts for 5-7 years :o So for now, I’m keeping it as a hobby and annoying my friends and family by requesting their birth data and making charts :)

It’s fun, I know so little about it, yet I’m already capable to use so much of that info to extract valuable information from a chart. Got so much correct information about lots of people, and that somehow motivated me even more to keep diving deeper :) But above all, astrology is a wonderful tool for self-knowledge and understanding our own condition and traits. Not for futurology! ;)


One and a half years later, I’m back to Porto with the free talk on the “7 secrets of success” as taught by the spiritual master Sadashiva, about 7000 years ago. If you are around Porto on the 4th of June and the topic interests you, drop me a line :) More info about the event here » or in facebook events ».

As summer approaches, so do the summer festivals! This year I’ll be once again in Andanças, from the 1st to the 7th of August. But lots of other interesting things are going to happen before that. More news soon… :)

By the way, I’ve added a new webpage to my daily routine of comics. This one is an exception, as it is not a webcomic but definitely deserves to be checked out every day. Nothing more nothing less than the 3 daily picks of Jerry Seinfeld. It’s a great selection, and the material is only available on that same day, you can’t access the archives. Don’t miss it, it’s great to start the day with some laughs :)


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