because important stuff deserves an important place

For sharing written content there’s nothing that can beat the blog! I’ve been more and more in a writing-mode lately, and my blog has been a great companion :)

Sometimes I like to write “serious” stuff (like the last 2 or 3 posts), while other times I like to give short updates on what I’ve been doing, learning, seeing, being inspired with, etc… And that caused an internal conflict on “how should I use this blog?” Several times in the past I experimented having two different blogs, one for more personal uses and other for the “serious” stuff. Never worked well with me, so I’m sticking to maintaining only one. My question then was, “how can I highlight the valuable content for people who are visiting the first time, or are looking for something specific?”.

Keeping it as simple as possible: I just created a fixed content page called “featured content”, which you can access through the horizontal menu bar there at the top :) I’ll also put a “featured” tag in all these posts, so they can be found in other ways.

So now I’m free to keep writing about other less-valuable stuff :D


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