on motivation, inspiration, et al…

“People say motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bath, and that’s why it’s recommended daily”

This has got to be on my favourite quotes ever on the topic of motivation. Some people get the idea that some of us have some kind of intrinsic motivational power, or that it’s genetic, or whatever. Its partially true that each one of us is born with certain “characteristics” which set us apart from everybody else, including – maybe – a more motivational/optimistic personality. Still, even for such a person, motivation is a constant effort, there is no such thing as being at that stage and remaining there with no effort.

The mind is in a permanent movement. Either it’s going up, towards a more subtle, inspired, connected state, or it’s going down to feel more lethargic and lost. It won’t stay put where we want it, it has to move – always. So, either we are doing an effort to make it move up, or it will more naturally move down as we get affected by the negativity of other people, events, and sometimes life itself.

I particularly like to observe my own mind during these “down times”, it is so interesting to be aware of the differences on how I feel towards certain issues, how I act or react, or my capacity to “resist” to some things. The past few weeks were like that. Probably not only the past few weeks, but the past months too… a very subtle but constant draining of my energy to external life things, a disconnection from the inside, which bit by bit starts to dilute a very special energy I like to feel and be connected with.

This is where our memory plays an important role. As I can remember the state where I used to be in before, I can make that state to be my aim again and start moving towards it. It seems like a big task, because there are no clear instructions on how to do it, but applying some GTD here: don’t think about the big thing, think about the small steps you can make to start moving towards the goal.

Our body is the most external layer of our mind, and as such, our physical existence plays an important part on our psyche too. Not only our body, but our surroundings, everything physical we have to deal with, listen to, see, touch and eat. Probably, that makes it the easiest way to start working on our own mind state, as dealing with physical things seems easier and not so abstract. For me, that involves recovering my early sleep cycles, following some more strict physical practices, and getting my environment to a more clean, organized and pleasant state. Got very happy to be able to wake up today at 5am and do spiritual practices like I used to :)

All the small things have an impact on how we feel. And our motivation or inspiration really needs to be worked on if it is to be maintained. So what made me act on this now and not before?
Don’t know for sure, but I think it’s lots of things at the same time. Like I said before, memory plays an important role. I can recall very well how I used to feel, and that makes me miss that state and wanting to get back to it. Other thing is the demands that life has been putting on me. The harder it gets, the better you have to be. I was getting to a point where I was feeling that the demands were too much for my current  state of mind. So, either I change the state of mind and I’m able to power-up in order to meet those demands (which I want to), or I would just fail and let it slip away.

So, I guess I’m happy that life got hard and demanding on me, as that made me act on it in a positive way :) But this is no happy ending, the struggle continues. It’s still a continuous effort to get better and better, to bring the mind to a subtle place and make it go up and up and up… or at least not letting it go down again :) The most important: having fun in the process! Life is too precious to be worried too much with it ;)

I had some “life update” things to write, but this is getting too long already, so I’ll leave it for the next post (teaser: it involves astrology and moving house again – no, not related ;))

“Spend a happy day”


2 thoughts on “on motivation, inspiration, et al…

  1. Great Post. A lot of depth and truth in it.
    A post I want to reread often. Exactly the type of posts I like to read and write. Thnks

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