update on life

Hi everyone :)

Been some time since the last ‘update on life’, but at least I’m not letting the blog die, and good content is showing up once in a while :) I’m actually planning to fill this up more often with good articles, than with life updates!

So here’s a quick round-up of what I’ve been up to:

GTD work

Still picking the pace rather slowly, but more people are getting to know about it, and a few partnerships may be in the horizon. Next workshops will be in ISEP (Porto), and in May for Lisbon. I’m starting to make some videos to explain some GTD concepts and give other tips. I decided to start with videos as it is easier for me to explain things by talking rather than by writing ;) The first video is just a introductory piece to the “GTD quick-start-up guide” (portuguese only). You can find it in the germinar website or in youtube.

I already have 4 other ideas for the next videos that will come up soon. In case you are interested to know more, or vote to choose the next, visit the facebook poll.

Starting to develop the 2nd GTD workshop to start doing here in Portugal. The contents are awesome, lots of stuff about the brain, the mind, power of focus and proper planning. stay tuned :)

Movement for social change

For the past 4 weeks a new group was created for studying theory and practical aspects of a new political-socio-economic model. We are having really cool discussions and lots of ideas are coming up fast! Lisbon, you better be prepared! :) We’ll launch a blog in a week or two and then from there other people can connect to learn, join and ask questions.


Those who know me well, know that I’m often trying new routines and experiences with myself. I’ve recently been inspired by some northern-europeans to try their style of daily routine. So, using some of my own previous tips for getting good sleep and waking up early and slowly changing my schedules in order to be able to:

  • wake up very early (5am)
  • have a tiny simple breakfast around 7, and a more consistent one around 9-10
  • early lunch
  • stop working around 3-4pm
  • early dinner (6pm)
  • more time outside when there is sunlight, more exercise, more relaxing time :)
  • early bed (22h30 – 23h)

Not easy to do, since this is completely the opposite of the portuguese culture, but let see how far I can take it :)

April will be a month with lots of travels. Going to Porto tomorrow and spending another one or two FULL weeks in the middle of the month. Will be good to catch up with some friends :)

That’s all folks! :)


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