Internet Sabbath: taking time for your Self

Just one day ago I tweeted: “The danger of too much social networking: introspection and selfgrowth can only happen when you stepout from the outside world for some time”.

Coincidence or not, today I bumped into this article and video report by PBS: Author Disconnects From Communication Devices to Reconnect With Life.
I highly advice you to watch it or read the transcript. It basically talks about how a family is doing a weekly Internet Sabbath, to disconnect from too much information and reconnect with life and each other.

The curious things is just how it all started. One day the guy drops is phone in the water, and suddenly finds himself in this “space” where he hasn’t been in a long time, and realized how much he missed it. “Quiet” time is really important. It’s a well known self-growth-tip that at the end of the day or just before going to sleep, you should take some time out to reflect upon the day, what happened, what mistakes you did and how you could have done better, and review the lessons learned. If you are able to have this kind of “quiet time” more often, you’ll surely benefit from it. Going to a GTD analogy here, it’s just like having a “processing” and “reviewing” time. You need to step out of the world, and look at it from a different perspective. Better yet, step out from the world and look at Your Self, from a different perspective. Not doing it just makes people loose synch with their own true self, who they are, what they feel, and we start to be more and more like robotic beings just receiving and acting on input.

Since I myself have my own regular doses of listening to “stop using your phone!”, I will now eat my own dog food and declare my own Internet Sabbath! :) Doing it on  weekends would be too easy, as there is a lot less information and interesting things circulating around. So I’ll do it for 24hr (for a start) on Fridays… which happens to be my GTD weekly review day :) No cell phone, no internet, no emails.

Who’s on?

UPDATE: also read Life in the slow Lane: a Tech Detox experiment


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