GTD, me, radio and the universe… (sort of)

Affirmation of the week: “Best thing in teaching GTD? You have to eat your own dogfood.”

As some of you know, starting early 2011 I’ll switch my professional activity to a new founded company. I’ll reveal more about it soon, as I’m still finishing some important details :)

I had a great time on Radio Antena 3, when they invited me for a live 60min interview about productivity & gtd. Although the program is a bit fast and chaotic, it was a positive experience and lots of people got curious about what I’m teaching. If you missed it, stay tuned, I’ll inform you when the recording is available. UPDATE: available here.

I’ve heard a few people saying I spoke too fast. In fact, not only on the radio, but on my lectures or other occasions. Yeah I know, I do. Sometimes I can control it, other times I do not WANT to control it. It’s all about being authentic vs being plastic (thank you Robin Sharma). When I’m doing, teaching, talking about something I love, I do that with passion, with energy and enthusiasm… so I can not speak in a very planned way :)

GTD is really about empty space. And as David Allen said this week ,”GTD 2.0″ is about what are going to do after you’ve accomplished empty space. The feeling of control and perspective allows your mind to be lifted higher and get filled with more creative energy. One of these days, in one of such moments, I got one idea for a cool Ignite talk. After brainstorming a little bit, that idea got split up into 3 different talks (2 of them GTD-related). I’ve emailed the organizers to see if it would be interesting or not, given the audience and objectives of the Ignite meetups. I’m eagerly waiting to get some feedback ;)

PS – I’m too lazy to put links on my text, unless they really matter or are impossible to find with a 5 second search on google :P


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