Humanity is changing – some words on 2011

I thought a good way of starting 2011 would be with a blog post that summarizes many thoughts, words, ideas and desires.

If you’re still “waking up” from the New Year’s parties, make sure you give yourself a rock-solid, awesome year start! Get inspired! Here are 2 pieces of great material by the great coach Robin Sharma:

From my own side, the best way to start 2011 is by making sure you have a clean 2010. Check out the GTD Yearly Review in Portuguese.

The world is changing. People, humanity is changing… fast! I see it everywhere: personal issues, problem solving, business practices, community building… there is a shift in consciousness happening, and its going to grow bigger in this coming months. My keywords for 2011 are: Open, Collaborate, Share, Do.
Technology, and mainly the Internet is allowing people to get more together, to share more and act more. This is no longer the era of computer isolated persons, but of people who are using tools to break down barriers and to extend their reach. I know that in 2011 this phenomenon will achieve great things! Think: Wikileaks, Ensitel (for portuguese people), Patient Opinion,… everything will just keep escalating. And I’ll be hoping that FarmVille doesn’t get so much in the way ;)

With the start of my company in 2011, i’m going beyond GTD and including OpenSpace Technology to my services and trainings. This is because I firmly believe new and innovative techniques like OST are the embodiment of those keywords and can provide the space, the means and the solutions for many current difficulties in companies, groups, organizations, families, people… I hope that along the year I will be able to utilize these tools to help people see things in a different way.

To an awesome 2011!
take care

PS – I’ll probably be blogging more frequently from now on…. no, seriously, I will :)


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