big updates!

Hi dear blog! Again long time no see..

Life has been pretty dynamic for this past 2 weeks. I’m finally setting up personal and professional stuff, but still expect 1 or 2 more weeks before everything settles down to “normality” (if there is such a thing anyway).

I finally have a working office, and the experience of working there everyday is very positive! More energy to work, more focus, less distractions! Today I just launched the new website with all the new contacts and programs and some other cool stuff like Clube-G (a portuguese network of GTD enthusiasts).

Tomorrow I’m signing the contract for the house I’ll be renting to live in Lisbon. That means, another few days of moving and carrying stuff, mounting, cleaning, etc etc…

Monday is the day of the first GTD training session for a company here in Portugal, I’m super excited about this, will do my best to make it a fantastic experience to all the participants!

In other news, watched Inception for the 3rd time… the more I watch it the more doubts I have.
If you are like me, maybe this can be of some help: the great inception FAQ.

See you around :) (and let me know if you are in Lisbon hehe)


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