moving on with work

It’s been a while since I blogged about work, so here it goes!

There’s something which I personally find very cool, exciting, challenging and hard about starting your own work from scratch! I’m currently thinking about lots of things at the same time on where to move next.

The website is being revamped. After lots of hours designing, changing, researching, I finally decided that I did not want to spend so much time taking care of websites, even my own! So I made an investment and signed up for a Squarespace account. It’s really great, although it still lacks a bit on more business oriented websites (or maybe its just my cheap plan which has fewer features). Anyway, I managed to do most of the new website in a couple of hours. Next task is to migrate all the blog posts from the current blog to the new one. I expect it to go live by the end of August. There are a few more news, but I’ll save it until then ;)

Apart from the website I want to design some business cards, and some kind of handouts to distribute with the GTD packages I’ll be doing. I need a lot of inspiration for this!!

On the personal-life category, tomorrow I’m going to Lisbon again to resume my quest to find a house! I have a feeling that when I leave on wednesday I will have a decision made :) Then, Covilhã to pack some more things, watch Deolinda in Fundão on the 19th, and then back to Porto.

See you around :)


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