the last 10 days

Finally home after some very busy 10 days.

Andanças was cool, less people than the previous year, but still nice. The sad thing was having the whole festival cancelled and evacuated on the last day due to the proximity of a fire. We watched the fire coming down the mountain during the day, and getting really close at night. After giving all the food that was left in our stock for the volunteers who were being evacuated, we helped the rest of the team to water the stage area in case the fire still moved further.
Eventually we also had to leave, and went to sleep in a nearby supermarket parking lot (how interesting!). In the morning we returned and the view was heart-breaking. A whole mountain, full of green, varied old trees was converted into a graveyard covered with ashes :(

leaving the boom site

Monday and Tuesday was spent travelling between Andanças and Boom, loading, carrying and unloading a big van with all sorts of stuff in this intense heat.

Now I’m back in Porto to relax a few days and look for more houses for rent in Lisbon area. Monday i’m going there to make some visits and hopefully decide on something!


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