non-stop moving…

I was expecting to have quite a relaxed week, but it seems that tomorrow I have to travel back to Lisbon, sleep over and return on thursday. With this burning heat it’s going to feel really good…

Since I’m going, I’ll take the opportunity to check the first 2 or 3 houses in Lisbon and Oeiras. I hope to find something nice really soon so I can move as early as possible in August.

my old dream diary - are you dreaming?

Read some cool interpretations of the story and events in the Inception movie. I’m definitely going back to Lucid Dreaming training. Just found out that I still have my old dream dairy here in a drawer :) (fact: did you know that the director Christopher Nolan had lucid dreams before, and made a lot of research about lucid dreaming before making the movie?)

In case you are interested in learning about it, check out the Lucid Dreaming community at:
It’s been online for 14 years (yes, older than google!) – with the same website design :)


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