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Hey! The post frequency is getting longer again :)
Life is going pretty constant (aka boring), I’m actually anxious for august to arrive to start focusing on my move to Lisbon and on my future work… these days it seems I’m just dragging around with things left to finish :/

I added the Amazon Kindle to my wishlist. The idea of having so many books in something so small and readable sounds very good to my hears (pun: it has text-to-speech). So far, I downloaded the Kindle app to my mac and to my android phone. Reading is great on the phone, only the screen is too small and not so nice with sunlight. I’m not sure if we do get free 3G internet access here in Portugal, but it would be awesome if we did! I’m sure I could skip internet access at home if I could just access my email and read some articles and forums (which I need to research and develop work materials).
I also downloaded the Aldiko app for Android to read ePub formatted ebooks.
I’m thinking about all this because after summer I plan to spend a lot less time on the computer and more time reading. Specially if I’m going to travel [almost] everyday by train or metro, this is going to prove itself useful.

The weekend in Penamacor was nice, not so many people (which is what we expect in all the interior or Portugal). The geocache was fun to find out :)

Tower in Penamacor (approaching the geocache)

Bonus stuff:


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