Weekend approaching

Another weekend is coming up! This Saturday and Sunday our team in Covilhã is going to an alternative therapies fair in Penamacor. We’ll do some free activities like yoga for kids, workshops and two talks on vegetarianism. Hopefully I’ll also find some caches nearby ;)

I’m going to take the chance of moving to Lisbon, living a new place and focusing on a different work, to make some changes to my lifestyle! One of it is going to be reducing the time on the computer… and switching to the mobile phone ahah :P No seriously, I’m restructuring my whole GTD workflow to be more in the “cloud”, so I can access it from everywhere. I’m slowly dumping my all-time favorite GTD app “The Hit List”, and migrating the data to Nirvana (its a great webapp, just needs some minor fixing here and there). I’m going to rely a lot on Google, Nirvana and Evernote (for reference and support material)… let’s see how it all works out :)

Extra extra, read all about it!!!


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