Life is dynamic (part 2)

So, finally I made a decision on what to do after summer. Deciding if moving back to Lisbon would be a good choice was really tough. Some days my mind would pull me in one direction, and my heart in the other. Then after a few days they would switch places :p I tried to think of all arguments and opinions, made a list of pros and cons, but nothing was good enough to convince me of anything.

So, I decided to apply GTD to it. After a good weekly review I made a deep dive into my horizons of focus synchronizing my life with my mind and my heart at different levels. After I finished the map (mind-mapping is my favorite tool to do the horizons of focus), I took a look at the whole picture of my life and asked the question again, where should I go? The answer came it 2 seconds, and it was so crystal-clear that I could not believe it! Seriously, if you do GTD, don’t skip the Horizons of Focus, its the best tool every to make sure your life is completely aligned ;)

So the conclusion is, yes I’m going to move to Lisbon area, for 1-2 years and then return to Covilhã (all is subject to change in further horizons analysis ;p ). I’m now officially looking for a place to stay, I guess that’s how I will spend most of my time during August.

I expect to the best utilization possible of my time in Lisbon to develop GTD in Portugal and also to give a boost to our AMURT Portugal projects.

Expect further posts (and whines ;) ) regarding my move to Lisbon soon! See you all there :D


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