life is dynamic

From time to time life plays tricks on us, in order to keep us awake, flexible and dynamic.

We were so close to finalize the deal to get our land for the Ecological Center in Covilhã, when one day before we were informed that there are some plans to build roads that will cut the land in half. This was a shock to us, as it turns all our plans upside down. We just can not do it there anymore. So we are back to square one, looking for some big places, with proper resources and affordable.

Actually its not square one, in this past year we learnt a lot of stuff, made trials and errors, and now I’m sure that when we find the real place everything will flow smoothly and faster.

This makes my decision of where to go after summer even harder, as we may not even stay in Covilhã anymore if we find a good place somewhere else…

Let’s see what else is coming in the next few weeks. Interesting times indeed! ;)


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