selling my soul… again :p

One thing I love about being a mac user is the quality with which all apple products integrate with each other. However, I’m finding that my life is more and more in the cloud (for common mortals: that means the internet) and less offline. Sadly, Apple’s MobileMe service has a heavy cost.
GMail and Google Calendar are a crucial part of my life and work on a daily basis. Today I decided to make a switch and rely “only” on Google, so I’ve adopted other services like google reader, google contacts, docs (been using for quite a while also) and picasa for photo sharing. Would like to use blogger also, but I’m really attached to this wordpress blog (mostly because of the blog address :P)

I spent almost one hour fixing my whole contact list in Google Contacts, merging duplicates, inserting birthdays(they show up in the calendar), and hopefully if I get an android phone, everything will be in sync :)

my chrome extensions

I also switched my main browser from firefox to google chrome. I really like firefox, but chrome is damn fast and has some really cool extensions.

Last but not least, if you read lots of feeds online (blogs, newspapers, etc) check out this awesome service called Feedly. Feedly organizes your favorite sites into a fun, magazine-like start page. Reading is a pleasure :) (and it syncs with your google reader account)

Ok, that’s it for now… off to Aveiro!


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