spreading peace of mind

Tomorrow I’m going to Aveiro for the 4th public GTD seminar in Portugal, since I started in September last year. I’m cooking new GTD ideas for after the summer, but so far I’m not getting much time to develop them. Slowly things are moving in a good direction, some people are contacting me regarding GTD training, which is good!

Speaking of GTD, Kelly Forrister – one of the main GTD coaches with the David Allen Co. – just posted an awesome photo of her new home office. This is what GTD is really about…  not iPhones, lists, agendas and paper folders… but empty space, quality of life, peace of mind… That’s what inspires me to practice it and teach it! :)

PS – missing my TedTalks… got get that habit back!

PS2 – just noticed I did 5 straight days of continuous blog posts… personal record! I’m on a sharing/social mood ;)

Bonus stuff


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