busy busy busy

Long time since last update. Is the blog dying? (again :p)

Not because I do not want to update, its just that writing sometimes really takes a lot of time and in these last 2 week I’ve been really busy.

Since the earthquake in Haiti, my days are 3 or 4 hours longer. All my other work is just pilling up, while AMURT is concentrating 100% of its work force and resources in getting help to Haiti. Some volunteers have been popping up to help with lots of different tasks, I’m really thankful for that!

Next saturday we have the GTD seminar in Porto. Too bad there are so few people attending.. well I guess Porto is not Lisbon. Anyway, lets make it happen and make it change peoples lives for the better!

I’ve been doing mostly of my short-life-updates through facebook. So if you want, connect to me through there.


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