Mobile life

Since I could not sell my old laptop, I decided to accept a trade for a Nokia E66 smartphone.

Nowadays I’m spending many hours in train rides and I really need to maximize the utilization of that time with useful things. My Macbook has a wonderful battery life that allows me to do that. My next question was, how to get internet access? I considered getting one mobile broadband access device (there are several available in Portugal), but the prices are quite high for the low use I would do with it. Finally, I decided to get this phone because it has wifi, bluetooth and internet support. I can actually share the GPRS/3G connection with the laptop, so I get internet anywhere.

My next question was how to get a proper and cheaper internet service. After some days of reading lots of posts, tariffs and thinking about it, I finally decided to move another mobile operator: Rede 4. It’s one of those “low-cost” mobile operators, but has very good prices for mobile internet (my plan is 5€ for 100Mb a month). I have Opera both in the phone and in the Mac, so I can use its Turbo feature to save on traffic :)

Today I also tried to make a Voip call using Fring, and it worked like a charm (ok, 1 or 2 secs lag). I guess I will be using this, since they are not blocking it :) Note: I’m not using the 3G connection mode, or else the traffic boosts up a lot. 2G is fine, even for Voip.

So, just for you to know, I changed my number, if you don’t have it yet, leave a comment and I’ll sms it to you.

Nokia E66 is a great phone, the only bad points is battery life (ok i’m always playing with it, but still….) and not so great for a GTD practitioner.


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