download, install, try, uninstall

So, my first day with my new Mac… I got one of the new white MacBooks. Plain and simple, just what I need :)

Because I don’t use mac for quite some time, I spent many hours downloading and trying software to see what meets my needs. Right now I have most of the stuff done. Biggest doubt was selecting a good app for GTD, the final bout was between Things and The Hit List, and finally THL came out victorious. I’m really enjoying it :)

I’m still missing a good personal finance app like Gnucash. I have the port installed, but GTK really breaks the nice and unified look of Mac OS. Any suggestions are welcome.

Now for a few more hours to copy and organize all my data again…


2 thoughts on “download, install, try, uninstall

  1. bah, the small diferences dont make up the price difference. and the new mbp model is coming out soon!
    later i’ll get a proper computer for working *seriously* (read: iMac ;) )

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