collected stuff

Returned from Lisbon yesterday. These 4-hour long train trips can get really boring after a while. If only my battery could last more then 5 minutes… :( Anyway, not all is bad. Having to stare for 4 hours to a blank piece of paper can really help to brainstorm and do very efficient mind-sweeps. My GTD next-actions list grew by 2 pages ;)

Some weeks ago I blogged about the start of a new project about alternative news. I feel frustrated that after so long I still could not dedicate enough time to follow it up and kick-start it. Yesterday while looking to all my tasks and responsibilities I just realized that it is really going to be difficult to do it the way I wanted it to be done. So, I’m changing the vision a little bit and I will do something along those lines but in a more simple way, which allows me to keep it alive and updated without taking me much time and energy. Expect a new blog soon :)

Some randomly collected interesting stuff from the last few days :)


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