“stuff” of the day

Story of the day

Store owner feels pity of a bat-wielding robber and gives him 40$ because he said he needed it to support his family. Sometime later, the owner receives a letter by mail with 50$ and a thank you note from that same robber. He now has a job and his child is out of trouble.

Source: News24.com (reddit).

This just to show that we should not judge people and their actions just by looking at a very superficial level. Many people do many wrong things because their lives force them to. It is our collective responsibility, as one human society, to take care of everyone so that nobody is forced to commit wrong acts.

GTD quote of the day

“There is never enough time to do what you really don’t want to do. Time management is really value management.” ~~ David Allen

Scientific moment of the day

Yes, you CAN try it at home :)

In case you are wondering, no, it’s not a fake, it’s called the Leidenfrost effect.


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